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Cyber Security And Online Casinos

Written by  Jun 25, 2018
Security has been a major concern for every industry operating in the online world, but none more so than online casinos.
You could say that security has been the prime concern for casinos even before they made the move online and with so much money changing hands it’s easy to see why they have always been a target for crooks. Online casinos have therefore had to continuously up their game to try and stay one step ahead.

There are many security threats that face online casino operators on a regular basis, with cyber criminals often coming up with new and inventive ways to get what they’re looking for so to speak. Hacking is one of the biggest threats an online casino faces due to both personal and financial data of customers being stored in droves. This kind of data can be very useful in the wrong hands after all.

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There’s also the possibility that hackers would try and exploit the actual games too. By doing this it may even be possible for them to ensure that they win whenever they want, and this is why online operators have measures in place when it comes to detecting suspicious activity such as never ending winning sequences or continuous big wins. Security and game integrity go hand in hand where online casinos are concerned.

One of the most common problems that online brands will face from cyber criminals though are DDoS attacks. A DDoS, or denial of service attack sees bot traffic swamp the casino’s servers, forcing the site to go offline. Crooks have the ability to sustain these attacks and have in the past been known to demand money from operators to cease their operation.

While the threats posed may be concerning, online casinos do have a very good reputation for being very secure. First of all, to gain an operating license, strict criteria must be met and being able to show that everything is being done to maintain security is high on the list. Every reputable online casino will use HTTPS which ensures that the connection between the customer and the operator is secure at all times and not at risk of being intercepted. Unibet is the perfect example of a reputable and licensed brand that does everything possible to ensure the service is completely safe and secure. 

When it comes to data, both personal and financial, online casino operators now store it on remote servers elsewhere. This ultimately means that should the casino website or app come under attack, the hackers wouldn’t have access to any customer information, meaning there’s no risk of a data leak. These servers are heavily protected too, with most of them under 24-hour surveillance with various security measures in place such as armed guards.

Online casino operators also use 128-bit encryption when it comes to handling transactions too. This method of encryption is said to be logically unbreakable and this is reassuring not only to the customer, but the operator too. It’s just another example of how serious online casinos are when it comes to security and even though hackers may come up with new methods of attack, operators regularly strengthen their defences too.

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